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Have you recently felt unmotivated or uninspired?

Do you feel tired for no real reason?

You might be finding it difficult to concentrate, or that your emotions are getting the better of you.

Sound familiar?

These are all signs that you’ve picked up some negative energies.

Your aura is like a bright light bulb that radiates healing energy. However, through certain life activities that light bulb can get a little dusty.

This ‘dust’, or negative energy, is easy to remove, but it’s even better to protect yourself from it in the first place!

During the 5 week Peaceful Protection online class you’ll learn:

  • How to energetically protect yourself from negativity but allow positive energies to flow easily

  • Different variations of shields and methods of peaceful protection – so you stay Divinely protected but don’t block out your angels

  • Signs and symptoms that you need shielding

  • The properties and benefits of different colored shields – like when to use yellow light instead of purple

  • Why you should always protect your energy

  • How often you need to re-shield

  • Flowers and crystals for protection

  • Can you shield too much?

  • How to shield and what to visualise

  • 3 methods to know you’ve shielded correctly

  • How to remove negative attachments and clear lower energies

  • Tips for remembering to protect yourself in a peaceful way

  • The purpose of the aura


You’ll access insightful videos that share some of the most detailed information on energetic shielding and protection over five weeks. New content will be added to your account weekly (for five weeks), and I’ll send you a quick email to let you know awesome new stuff is ready and waiting for you.

After you register you get lifetime access to the class, so the information will always be there for you (no need to worry about missing a week!)

There are videos to watch, MP3 audios to download – so you can listen anywhere, and typed PDF transcripts that you can keep for reference.

Once you complete the Peaceful Protection class and take the simple quiz (which is super easy if you’ve watched all the videos), you’ll be eligible to receive a certificate in Peaceful Protection that I will personally sign for you.


I’m proud of the Peaceful Protection class, and I really do believe it is some of the most comprehensive guidance on the topic available.

So, I happily offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee in case my style of teaching just isn’t your cup of herbal tea.