Do you want to bring more healing to yourself and others?

Are you intuitively interested in natural methods of healing?

Welcome the angels of nature into your life as you learn to heal with flowers!

Every time we work with flowers, whether using fresh blooms or photos, we are raising our spiritual vibration.

The angels have taught me that flowers serve as the permission slip for them to assist us.

When you use flowers – for yourself or clients – you are also giving permission to the angels to lend their healing hands.

Flowers — both fresh and pictures — can be used for a multitude of healing methods. I’d love to be able to share the healing gifts of Flower Therapy and the angels with you!

If you feel guided, please join me for my Flower Therapy Healer Certification Class.

During the 7 week Flower Therapy Healer online class you’ll learn:

  • How to perform a full body Flower Therapy Healing

  • How the angels are connected to flowers and how each flower has a different angelic association

  • Numerous Flower Therapy healing methods which you can tailor to your personal needs, and the specific needs of your clients

  • How fairies work with flowers and how you can work with the fairies for manifestation

  • How to determine your primary psychic sense

  • Detailed information about the 7 major chakras: what they are, what they do, and why you should think about memorising them

  • A powerful chakra balancing meditation

  • How to clear your chakras using specific flowers

  • How to care for your fresh cut flowers

  • How to work with photos and pictures of flowers for profound results

  • A step-by-step guide on how to conduct a healing

  • A sacred attunement where you’ll be able to channel the healing energies of flowers through your hands

  • How to give accurate and healing flower readings

  • Flowers that boost your spiritual confidence

  • Flowers that heal the heart and attract romance

  • How to cleanse your home:  a method you can teach your clients

  • How to cleanse crystals with flower petals

  • How to accurately use the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards for readings AND how to use individual cards to attract healing energy


The Flower Therapy Healer Certification Class is easy to follow and designed for both beginners and those further along their spiritual path.

I’ll introduce you to 14 comprehensive healing modules spread over 7-weeks. Every week I’ll send you a reminder email to help you stay on track with the class and let you know that new content is available.

Once you sign up you have lifetime access, so you can complete the course at your own pace. There’s no time limit on your certification.

There are videos to watch, MP3 audios to download – so you can listen anywhere, and typed PDF transcripts that you can keep for reference.

Once you complete the Flower Therapy Healer class and take the simple quiz, you’ll be eligible to receive a certificate in Flower Therapy Healing that I will personally sign for you.


I’ve been blessed to share this healing method with people from over 60 different countries and over the years I’ve created a few extra goodies that I think will support you.

If you register within the next 7-days, I’ll also give you access to a special bonus video series specifically made for Flower Therapy Healers.

It contains 4 tips that cover questions like how to market yourself and explain what you do, the vibration of your name (and business name), clearing issues around money, and working with positive clients.

In the past I could only answer these questions fully in private consultations. However, as my journey changed, and I was guided to do more teaching online, I rarely offer one-on-one appointments.

So I’m very excited to offer this exclusive bonus information to you in this way!

I also want to send you an 80 minute MP3 audio on accepting your healing abilities, where I’ll give you tips on how to begin your healing work. I want to include these extra special bonuses as my gift to you if you register for the class within the next 7 days.


The Flower Therapy Healer Certification is filled with my heart and soul. I share as much information about angels and flowers as I possibly can.

So, I happily offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee in case my style of teaching just isn’t your cup of herbal tea.