A Natural Approach to Fighting Colds & Flu’s

As the days become cooler we often find that the frequency of colds and flu’s increase. Most of us have experienced a cold at some stage and whilst they may not be as severe as the flu, they still impact our immune system enough to prevent us from running full steam ahead for a few days.

There are several interventions that you can make use of to reduce the severity and duration of your cold or better still prevent the infection from taking hold in the first place.

Energetic Meaning of Cold’s & Flu’s

Whilst I enjoy looking at things from a clinical perspective I also can’t deny my connection with my spirituality, and as such I often find it insightful to look at conditions for their energetic meaning, or what the body is trying to tell us, and also asking the Angels and Spirit what other information there is regarding these.

Colds and Flu’s are the body’s way of telling us that we are doing too much at one time, take a break, get some rest and re-build your energy stores. The Angels say that if we continue to work through a cold then we are defeating the purpose of it entirely and putting our bodies through even more stress. If we follow this pattern They say that we will have repeated infections until we finally get the message. Allow your body to come back into balance, as often after a cold we have a shift in our lives. This may be a speeding up of business, a romantic change, or a change in diet. Pay very close attention to the thoughts you have during your cold as these may point you in the direction of what you need to change.

This is a time for us to focus on ourselves and treat ourselves the way we deserve each and every day.

Warm drinks

This is a beautiful time of year to enjoy herbal teas! Please note that I said herbal, so no coffee, black tea and even green tea don’t technically count. They have caffeine in various amounts and can add extra stress to the body during infection. There has been research into the use of green tea as an anti-biotic agent yet you need a lot to achieve this.

Ginger is a great tea to enjoy as it has warming properties to the body and helps to fight infection and relieve congestion from a cold. You can use either dried or fresh ginger, about ½ tsp in a cup of boiling water. You may add honey to taste but give it a go on it’s own and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Vitamin C

Almost everyone has heard of Vitamin C for colds and immune health but what we often overlook it the correct dosage of Vitamin C. As a general immune boost to prevent infection you may want to take around 3000mg per day, or if infection has started you can bump it up to 4000mg. Just be aware of your bowel tolerance at the higher dose. Notice how much of a difference there is compared to what most products will state on the label? On average they are suggesting between 500 – 1000mg per day, and honestly this is not going to achieve the desired results.


Zinc is an important mineral and it has been estimated that zinc is involved in over 400 reactions in the body. A large number of these reactions are connected to the immune system and as such to assist our immune system and increase our defences from the dreaded colds & flu we can consider zinc supplementation. For most people 30mg of zinc is generally enough. If you are taking zinc by itself then aim to take it away from other medications and supplements, so it is often easiest to take your zinc just prior to bed.

Herbal Medicine

There are numerous herbal medicines that can be useful during colds and a few that can help us fight the Winter nasties are Echinacea, Andrographis and Garlic.

Echinacea is now rampant on the retail market yet it doesn’t mean that each product is going to work for you. Look for Echinacea angustifolia or Echinacea purpurea and make sure the preparation is only of the root as this is the best part. Andrographis is another herb that helps us fight infection along with the classic Garlic. Look for a good supplement by checking the Garlic has measurable amounts of alliin or allicin.


If you are suffering from nasal congestion try steaming by having a steamy shower and aim to remove as much of the mucous as possible. The more mucous present the more chance for bacterial infection to set in which is evident by the colour of the mucous.

All of the preceding information is meant as a guide only and is not meant to replace proper medical care. Please speak with your health care professional before under taking any of the above mentioned advice.